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Snoring, according to the National Sleep Foundation, affects approximately 90 million Americans. In many cases, it disrupts sleep for not only the sufferer but also for anyone who sleeps within hearing distance. When breathing is unobstructed, air flows easily and virtually soundlessly through the open airway at the back of the throat. As we age, factors such as gravity and extra weight can cause our airways to narrow during sleep.

When breath is forced through a narrowed airway, it speeds up causing the tissue at the back of the roof of the mouth to vibrate against the back of throat. The result is the harsh sound of snoring that may get louder as time goes on. Snoring has been linked to daytime sleepiness and many other health related problems including increased risk of motor vehicle accidents. In addition, snoring is often an indication of a bigger health problem: Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

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